Welcome to Galaxy Moon Studio Center. Please feel free to click the links on the left to check out all we will be offering once we are settled in our new space in the near future. Galaxy Moon Studio Center will open as an art studio that offers many fun and exciting things to do with art. We will use various art forms with different media. There will be art for sale at our artist's website. We will also offer yoga, relaxation, and essential oils with meditation to soothing sounds. The center will be enhanced in the future with the addition of a private practice in clinical counseling focused on art and meditation as well as narrative and expressive approaches to health and wellness. This page will stay updated to keep you well informed of all the new and exciting things happening at Galaxy Moon Studio Center. There will be several services offered when the center opens, but until that time this website will assist you with information about the center and the services that will be available. We invite you to take a look around the site and enjoy yourself, look at the art, visit the link connected to the page that will lead you to the artist's page, and read some of the poetry written by the director. Enjoy yourself, and we hope to hear from you at one of our special nights that we will be offering when we open.

See you soon!

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