The Staff

Our staff is currently developing, but will expand in the near future.

Cheyenne Schwien is our artist on hand to help anyone who is looking for a relaxing time to let your troubles dissolve into the colors of pastel chalk art or the depths of charcoal drawings. She is a current student at Moraine Valley Community College and will graduate spring 2018 with her Associates in Computer Graphics Imagery. She will continue her education at Saint Xavier University in the fall of 2018 to begin a double major for her bachelor's degree in art and computer graphics with a minor in psychology. She will continue from there to complete her masters in clinical counseling and art therapy with four licensures from Adler University in Chicago. She is a licensed yoga instructor, and her art experience is plentiful.

Charlene Long is a holistic therapist with a certification in medical coding, and she will soon hold a degree in Health Information Technology from Moraine Valley Community College.

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