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Intro to Yoga:

60 min class with Miss C

Let's do some yoga! It's fun, energizing, and calming. It is the perfect way for any age experienced or not to get to know yoga. You can learn what your body can do that you never knew. We want to make yoga accessible to everyone, all abilities, regardless of age, or experience. This class is paced slowly for beginners, and it will focus on mind, body, spirit, and breath. You will learn new yoga poses led by our instructor as she shows you how to do it one step at a time at your own pace. You do not have to be flexible, we will work on getting you there. We will begin where you are, and build your strength from there. Come out and enjoy the life altering relaxation of yoga with us.

Kids Yoga (ages 5-8):

60 min class with Miss C or Miss V

Bring your children out for stories and stances with our children's yoga. We will play music while doing yoga poses that are easy to do. Yoga helps young children develop many skills including elasticity, motor control, muscle strengthening, coordination, and will aid them with attention, and frame stability. Games assist in keeping if fun for the little ones, so we will work with what they like to do.

Tipping Toddlers 18m-4 yrs.:

60 min class with Miss C or Miss V

Toddlers love to learn through sights and sounds, adding movement to this helps them enjoy yoga in a fun atmosphere. Yoga can help tots in their motor development as they socialize with other tots like them in a fun and motivational atmosphere while moving to the sounds of soothing music with the help of our leaders. they will learn to stretch tall like a tree, and roll up in a ball like a caterpillar. Each movement will be in comparison to something they are familiar with in their surroundings. We will work with what they know to help build their confidence, and enhance their skills. Parents or caregivers can join in the fun, or relax and watch. There is no experience needed.

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